That does not mean there is any need to panic.

While there is no cure for HIV / AIDs, there are options to prevent transmission, live healthily with HIV, and even make the virus undectable.

WHere do I Get Tested In Terrace?

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Terrace Health Unit

3412 Kalum Street
             Terrace, BC, V8G 4T2                        Phone: (250) 631-4200            Thursday 3pm - 5pm


Lazelle Avenue Medical Clinic

4720 Lazelle Avenue
Terrace, BC, V8G 1T2
Phone: (778) 634-2121

Some Facts About HIV / AIDs

  1.  HIV / AIDS is not a death sentence. Using treatment someone who is HIV+ will have close to the same life expectancy as a HIV- person.
  2. In the Northwest 1 in 4 people who have HIV are not aware they are HIV+.
  3. Anyone can become infected with HIV / AIDS. Age, race, sex, or sexual orientation does not matter - anyone can get HIV / AIDS.
  4. Only five body fluids can transmit HIV / AIDS. They are: blood, semen, rectal fluid, vaginal fluid, and breast milk.
  5. The two main ways to contract HIV / AIDS are through sex and by sharing needles. There are other ways the virus can be transmitted, such as: sharing tattoo ink and needles, sharing jewelry, or sharing acupuncture needles. 
  6. HIV cannot be passed on by: shaking hands, eating, hugs or kisses, coughs or sneezes, toilets, swimming pools, towels, utensils, and using other common items. 
  7. Using ART, the HIV virus can become undetectable, which will drastically reduce the chance of transmitting the virus and prevent HIV from progressing to AIDS. 
  8. If you are HIV+, with treatment, you can have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.
  9. Harm Reduction Supplies, that prevent the transmission of HIV / AIDS, are available from the Ksan Society.
  10. The Ksan Society has a HIV / AIDS program located at Turning Points Housing Connections.