About Us

The Ksan Society takes its name from a First Nations word meaning river of mist – the river of mist being the Skeena River. The Ksan Society has been providing services to the community for 40 years.  We are proud of our grassroots history and continue to respond to community need on a variety of levels. An annually elected Board of Directors provides a wide range of community perspective and ensures the direction of the society is of value to the community.  The Ksan Society is a registered charitable organization operating in Terrace, BC. All our services are free.

A Little More

In all our programs we seek to empower the people that utilize our services to enable them to make positive choices in their lives.   As a grassroots organization we rely on community support and actively seek to inform and educate on issues relating to the imbalances within our society.  Our programs build on community capacity to address areas of high risk as many of the people they serve represent the most vulnerable of the population affected by damaging social conditions.

Our Funding

Ongoing program funding is provided by the Province of British Columbia through a number of Ministries and Crown Corporations including the Ministry of Public Safety & Solicitor General, BC Housing, BC Lottery Corporation and the Ministry of Social Development & Poverty Reduction.  Supplemental, including project, funding comes from a variety of sources including the federal, provincial, regional and local governments as well as the local health authority, public and private foundations, grant programs and private donations.